Committed to Cloth

During 2020 /2021, whenever it was possible for “in-person” classes to be arranged I was completing the surface design course at Committed to Cloth which was taught by Claire Benn and Jo Lovelock.  I have 4 completed quilt projects which were begun at these workshops, and I have a pile of fabrics which have yet to be utilised.   Below are examples of some of the techniques learnt:

  • “Red” and “Windows” both started with breakdown printing, with additional overprinted layers and blocks of colour.
  • “Indian sunset” is a silk monoprint which was scraped several times with additional colour.
  • The “Lock-down Indian ladies” were appliquéd onto fabric that I screen printed with various shapes that I had drawn using simple polythene stencils.

Sadly at the end of 2021 Leslie Morgan decided it was time to close Committed to Cloth. Over the years she and Claire Benn had built up a very successful creative textile community and provided amazing facilities and teaching where you could go and work.

Red – 2020. Technique: Breakdown printing and over scraping blocks of colour. NFS
Windows – 2020. Techniques: breakdown printing and over printing combined with a Marcia Derse fabric border
Indian Sunset – 2021. Technique: Mono printed silk. NFS
Lock-down Indian Ladies – 2020. Background fabric hand printed using simple stencils, appliquéd ladies (courtesy of Gillian Travis’s design) combined with fabric which has been discharged, together with various commercial fabrics.

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