About me

I took up patchwork and quilting in 2018 after many years of not even threading a needle. I originally trained in fashion and textiles at Manchester Polytechnic gaining a first in 1976. This was followed by, amongst other things, work in costumes at the BBC, a diploma knitting course at Leeds University (with distinction), followed by years of creative inactivity as I switched to earning a living by working for WaterAid in the 1980’s when it was a small charity, just starting up.

I started quilting seriously when my oldest friend introduced me to her world of quilting whilst I was visiting her in Australia in 2018, when together with her quilting buddies from Quirky Quilters, I attended a series of workshops at the Australian Quilting Convention. On my return home, I immediately joined the Quilters’ Guild and 4 months later, I together with 3 others I met at a regional meeting, started up our own South West London Quilters.

I am still finding out what direction I want my work to take, so I have been attending workshops both real and lately virtual, to catch up with where I want to be in the quilting world. I have always been obsessed by colour and pattern, and this comes through in all of my work, so even if I am following a workshop, my class sample ends up with my own individual take on it.

I am a member of both the Contemporary and Modern group of the Quilters’ Guild, and an active committee members for both the South West London Quilters and the Contemporary Quilt London group. I have set up, written and run both of the group’s websites. https:swlondonquilts.org.uk and https://cqlondon.org.uk.