Dance with the wall

Irene L Roderick has been another inspiring teacher. She has a relaxed encouraging way of teaching. Below are two of the improv quilts that I have made as a result of her workshops.

The first quilt I made was not really “in the style” of the other students, I was way off of my comfort zone so I kept to very formal shapes to minimise construction difficulties. It was a great challenge working in two colours but I achieved balance and harmony in my quilt.

I subsequently  joined her “Voltron” zoom workshop which was also great fun. It is a directed improv class which involves strip piecing.  The first stage is to manufacture your striped material, with the second stage designing a balanced symmetrical piece using the stripes that you have created.  I really love Irene’s classes and find her style of teaching inspiring.    


Dance with the wall 2021

Voltron quilt

“Voltron” 2021
Striped fabrics made for the Voltron quilt.