Very early work

I had a mother who was a painter and she obviously encouraged her children’s artistic talents. She saved the card I made for my Aunty Margaret in 1961, a pink house with a red roof. Copydex stains all too apparent.

I have other such handiworks including, needlecases made by myself and my brother of a similar period.

Moving on, I have a photo of rag dolls that my quilting friend Susan Sheath and I made one summer holiday when working, (or more likely volunteering) for an arts centre run for “Action for the Cripple Child” by a lady called Mrs Webster. As I recall, it was in a nissan hut in a residential street. The dolls, including one which was twice the size of the ones illustrated here, were sold at Heals in Tottenham Court Road, London, which in those days was a very exclusive “Arts and Crafts” homeware store. The lady who set up the arts centre obviously had friends in high places, or perhaps they recognised talent? We made the local paper with this bit of news.

Susan, her sister Carol and I also both crocheted similar bedspreads, her and Carol’s were in shades of blue and turquoise, whilst mine was predictably in shades of maroon, coral and red. I was obviously more or less born with my favourite colours. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of these to share. They were made with carpet yarn which I recall was quite harsh on the hands to crochet!

Card made for my Aunt in 1961
Inside card (date kindly inserted by my mother.) I was 7 at the time of making this.
Rag dolls sold in Heals, London circa 1970